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ArtU Esports

In 2016, Academy of Art University introduced a new program, which was a result in a collaboration between the Schools of Game Development and Communications & Media Technologies, called ArtU Esports program. "The multifaceted program offers various levels of participation and appeals to students across a range of disciplines. Another aspect of the program is tournament play at both the intramural and intercollegiate levels. Any Academy student can play mobile, PC-based and console-based games in room 707 at 180 New Montgomery, which the School of Game Development converted into a part-time game room." - according to Academy of Art U News. ArtU Esports Logo - via ART U Esports Twitter (@ArtUEsports)  Michael Witzel is currently the director of ArtU Esports. He began...

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Tiffany Bui

Tiffany Bui is a master’s student at the Academy of Art University, graduating with a degree in Fashion Product Development in the spring of 2020. Previous to her educational career at the Academy of Art University, Tiffany began her bachelor’s degree studies international studies with a minor in marketing. Around two years before attending the Academy of Art University, Tiffany pursued a career in product licensing, where she learned a lot about the inner workings of the industry.  While growing up Tiffany loved fashion, but she was not sure whether a career in that direction would be accepted in her “traditional Asian family”, but she decided two years into a biology degree that she wanted to follow her passion in...

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Olivia Kristania Sadrach

Olivia Kristania Sadrach, a graduating senior in Fashion Merchandising that will be showcasing her work at Spring Show on May 21, 2020. Olivia grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia with one younger sister, parents, and her Schnoodle dog.  Growing up in Jakarta, Olivia was exposed to clothing and textiles from all around the world, which encouraged her to continue her education in art and design. Olivia says she gets her drive and passion from her dad and takes her creative inspiration from travelling the world and new surroundings. Olivia attended the Academy of Art University to hone her skills in fashion design and merchandising. Important skills she took away that will make her more successful in fashion merchandising include analyzing consumer...

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Christine Kim

Eunsae Christine Kim, a senior at Academy of Art University, will be showcasing her years of hard work during the graduate Spring Show of 2020. She is extremely passionate and excited to share her ideas and projects with the hopes of creating her own story and path towards the future.  Her long-time dream of working in the fashion industry is driven by the ideology of promoting health and happiness to others. She wants to use her fashion marketing degree and her strength in communication for positivity and expression. She believes that fashion expresses many different cultures and “visualizes the sentiments of the time, and it is a big industry that interwinds a lot of different people and ideas”.  During her...

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Alice Tsai

Alice Tsai is a 27 year old freelance artist originally from Taichung city, Taiwan. Tsai moved to San Francisco to attend the Academy of Art University and graduated with an MFA degree of illustration. Tsai is currently studying art therapy and psychology, and her biggest wish is to comfort people with her art. She said “One of my recent paintings is called “Dictate”, and the following is a short passage that I wrote for the painting. “Trees burnt and seeds melted. The ears listen but isolated. Yet they dictate. The red part where the judgmental finger is pointing toward symbols dictatorship.” The red part where the judgmental finger is pointing toward symbols dictatorship.Alice Tsai is currently working in a studio...

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