Christine Kim

Eunsae Christine Kim, a senior at Academy of Art University, will be showcasing her years of hard work during the graduate Spring Show of 2020. She is extremely passionate and excited to share her ideas and projects with the hopes of creating her own story and path towards the future. 

Her long-time dream of working in the fashion industry is driven by the ideology of promoting health and happiness to others. She wants to use her fashion marketing degree and her strength in communication for positivity and expression. She believes that fashion expresses many different cultures and “visualizes the sentiments of the time, and it is a big industry that interwinds a lot of different people and ideas”. 

During her education at the Academy of Art University, something that motivated and pushed her to be the best she was the passion the instructors exuded onto their students. She felt that the environment in the class motivated her and her classmates to work harder and push towards their goals. Christine believes that “when working with instructors who are experienced in the current industry or have insight into what “really” goes on behind the scenes, it gives you a better [head] start”. 

Christine has worked on many projects that she is proud of, but her most memorable project discussed was an interactive marketing campaign for Jacquemus, where she enjoyed “researching and analyzing a popular contemporary brand and giving it a twist to see how it would be marketed through a fun and interactive marketing campaign”.




Another project of hers that she is passionate and proud of is her private label athleisure brand “Sae”. As the evolution of the global pandemic is evolving, “little did I know, the quarantine would come around and loungewear and online retail sites will increase tremendously on traffic”. Kim, enjoys looking back at her hard work and dedication she has put into a lot of her projects. 


There are always uncontrollable challenges that arise, but its more turning a negative situation to something positive and educational. The fashion industry is really unexpected and “the fashion business is all about getting creative”, while also “looking into what works for the current market. For me, this is the most interesting part of my work. There are times when I get stuck in terms of coming up with a better way to communicate an idea or message to the right target audience, but I just try to place myself in the shoes of the consumer”. It is all about “taking risks and putting all the idea into a rough paper and organizing it piece by piece”. 

For the next couple of years, Kim hopes to go back to Korea where she can take all the things she learned and make use of it. She wants to expand her experience in the loungewear and fitness industry and hopes to make it more demanded and wanted in the Korean market.