ArtU Esports

In 2016, Academy of Art University introduced a new program, which was a result in a collaboration between the Schools of Game Development and Communications & Media Technologies, called ArtU Esports program. "The multifaceted program offers various levels of participation and appeals to students across a range of disciplines. Another aspect of the program is tournament play at both the intramural and intercollegiate levels. Any Academy student can play mobile, PC-based and console-based games in room 707 at 180 New Montgomery, which the School of Game Development converted into a part-time game room." - according to Academy of Art U News.

ArtU Esports Logo - via ART U Esports Twitter (@ArtUEsports) 

Michael Witzel is currently the director of ArtU Esports. He began his career in technology and communications in the US Marines. And then he started to explore the gaming industry and received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Academy of Art’s School of Game Development. With his passion for esports, Michael created the ArtU Esports program.

Michael Witzel, Director of ArtU Esports - via Academy of Art University 

In April 2020, ArtU Esports and the Academy of Art Fashion Merchandising, associated with SHOP657, came together with a little t-shirt design competition. It was an interesting collaboration between two different departments. Despite the differences, it's the passion for creativity and designing (whether gaming or fashion) connects them together. Ultimately, there was not one, but two, winning designs in this competition. The two winning design t-shirts will also be available for sales at SHOP657.


Poster for T-Shirt Design Competition

Winning Design by Kristi Liu, BFA Game Development 
Winning Design by Meifang (Ellen) Cao, MA Fashion Design

The two winners are Kristi Liu, BFA Game Development, and Meifang (Ellen) Cao, MA Fashion Design. With Kristi's design, she was able to neatly display the Chinese characters "城市骑士" which is translated to "Urban Knights". It is a nice representation for the Chinese students studying at Academy of Art University. For Meifang's design, she explained, "In ancient times, warriors defeated their enemies through physical prowess, effective skills and superior weaponry. Today, eSport players rely on strategy, cleverness and computer skills to defeat their opponents. The inspiration for my design is an attempt to integrate the bravery and integrity conveyed by the Spartan helm with the education and intelligence implied by the keyboard. I like to believe that result is a fusion of old and new, strong and intelligent, honor and pride."