Olivia Kristania Sadrach

Olivia Kristania Sadrach, a graduating senior in Fashion Merchandising that will be showcasing her work at Spring Show on May 21, 2020. Olivia grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia with one younger sister, parents, and her Schnoodle dog. 

Growing up in Jakarta, Olivia was exposed to clothing and textiles from all around the world, which encouraged her to continue her education in art and design. Olivia says she gets her drive and passion from her dad and takes her creative inspiration from travelling the world and new surroundings.

Olivia attended the Academy of Art University to hone her skills in fashion design and merchandising. Important skills she took away that will make her more successful in fashion merchandising include analyzing consumer insight, artistic sensibility, and professional communication.

While she had many successes while at school, she also faced some challenges. During our interview, Olivia talked about how design “is not just developing design concepts, establishing a budget, and developing assortment and marketing plans. It is also about seeing the visibility of the project as if it was a real company. Sometimes, this is very hard for me to imagine when doing my projects because the pressure is different than working for a real company. But it did team me the importance of detail, organization, problem solving, and having communication skills.”

Through all the projects that she has worked during her time in Academy of Art University, there are two projects that have become her most important and memorable projects, which is the Private label Product Development Course and YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund Case Study. In the Private Label Product Development course, she learned to create technical flats with Adobe Illustrator, which encouraged her to take more courses in Product Development.

For YMA Fashion Scholarship she proposed a collaboration collection between Adidas and Jennie Kim. This project allowed Olivia to not only apply her skills in Merchandising, but also in design and Marketing.

Olivia’s future goals are to deliver modern and wearable contemporary womenswear for future generations in Indonesia. But for now, she is going to find and gain more experience from a global fashion and lifestyle company or entrepreneurs for several years until she has the fundamental skills to build her own business.