The Future is Here

The Future is Here Spring 2020.
Business Industry Collaboration Class.


During the second week of March 2020, Academy of Art University students’ inbox was filled with information about classes moving to online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the next few weeks, San Francisco ordered a shelter in place, and regular daily activities changed for everyone. It was a grand decision, one that would change the way this project would go about. The big question was on how we were going to release a new collection for the store and work towards the spring show.

With panic and confusion, it was weeks of zoom calls and digital communication. The uncertainty of what the future had in store made the process frustrating, but in a few weeks, we came to conclude that this was what real “collaboration” was about. All members of product design, marketing, and e-commerce came to a single conclusion.


The future is right here.

We wanted to deliver the sentiment of motivation through #FinishStrong campaign. We, also wanted to remind everyone that it was our students who is continuing to help shape the future here at the Academy.

Business Industry Collaboration Class of 2020 wants to thank the students for working hard. We want to thank you for moving forward and creating the message you want to share with the world.

Product Design

We really are creating the future by living in the present. We are the “artists, leaders, and thinkers”.

We bid adieu as we launch the new collection filled with our memories, creations, and inspirations.